How to download our brochures

These files are compiled in a PDF format which can be read by any type of computer with Adobe Acrobat loaded.

PDF file formats are used widely across the world to distribute literature and training materials in digital format. You can obtain a FREE copy if it is not already loaded on your PC by visiting the Adobe Site.

The latest version is approximately 5.5MB in size so it may take a little while to download.
However as a large majority of on-line documentation is now in this format it is worthwhile having this product. Once Adobe Acrobat has been loaded you simply click on any PDF file and the document will appear on the screen. You will find that it is just like reading a typical full colour catalogue.
The entire document can be printed out on a colour printer if required.

The PDF file can be read by Adobe Acrobat version 4 or higher.
Place your mouse over the icon, RIGHT click your mouse then click Save Target (name the file) and put it in a folder on your harddrive, or wait for Acrobat Reader to come up and print out the pages. This might take a little while to bring up the timetable page, so please be patient !

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