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Bus it Safe with Toby!

At Caboolture Bus Lines your child’s safety is our priority. With this in mind Janette Craike developed “Bus it Safe” a bus and road safety programme, targeted at primary school children. It was a combination of her experience within the bus industry and raising 4 small children of her own that enabled her to realise the need to educate children about safe travel.

To ensure the success of the programme, Janette created Toby, a bright yellow characterised school bus to give the children a role model that they could relate to whilst still learning the importance of bus safety.

The “Bus it Safe” programme targets students in Grades 2, 4 and 6. The presentation incorporates a forty-five minute lesson with two components. In the first component students are taken to a stationary bus and shown safety procedures associated with waiting at a bus stop, boarding, understanding of blind spots and leaving the bus. The second part of the lesson is presented in the classroom. Here the students initially view a video on bus safety, which reinforces the safety points that they have already learnt at about in the first part of the lesson. This is followed by a road safety component using visual aids to emphasis the importance of remembering to “Stop, Look, Listen and Think” before crossing the road.

Posters, stickers and board games as visual reminders for the children to “Bus it Safe with Toby”.

Bus it Safe was recognised as an important safety iniative by RACQ and CARRSQ when it received the Queensland Road Safety Award for 2002.