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Safety Tips for Kids

Toby says "Check out these kids, they know how to Bus it Safe !"

At your Bus Stop

Be on time and wait safely for the bus.

When you see the bus coming,
stand well back from
the edge of the road
and wait for it to stop.

Welcome Aboard  

Don’t push and shove,
this allows everybody
to get on the bus safely.

Travel Safe

When you're on the bus,
store your bag correctly.

Sit in your seat and
talk quietly to your friends.

Help your driver
by acting safely on the bus.

Time to go

Don't rush when leaving the bus.

Remember Blindspots

When you get off the bus
stop on the footpath,
wait for the bus to move away,
check the road is all clear
then cross.

Toby says "Safe Kids are Cool Kids !"