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Safety Tips for Parents

As a parent you play important role in providing children with a safe traffic environment.
When travelling in and around schools, you can make a difference by taking the time to consider the following;

This is how you can help:

  Please do not park in the bus stop area.
    This is dangerous as children cannot leave the bus safely,
    and cannot see on-coming traffic.

  Parking opposite a bus stop is dangerous !
    Your child will be excited to see you after school
    and is likely to run across the road to meet you.

  It’s a great idea to meet your child at the bus stop
    but please wait on the same side of the road as the bus stop.

  Children are unpredictable as their sense of speed and distance it not mature.
    Please be sure to observe the 40 km speed limit when travelling in and
    around schools.

  Please be aware of children crossing at zebra crossings and traffic lights,
    be sure to slow down and follow the road rules as childrens lives are precious.

  Slow down when you see a school bus picking up or dropping off children,     remember they are unpredictable.

Your actions can save lives !